I must say 2014 was an awesome year! I ended the year shooting 17 weddings and delivered highlight videos to 4 of them with many sessions in-between! I have always been a bit uneasy about thinking of photography as a career, seeings how it has always been a hobby that I love, but this year blew my socks off! I was busier than I ever expected and looking over the past few years I have learned a ton! Although running a business is never an easy task, I have gained the knowledge and confidence I need to succeed. God has put many things in my path to make this happen and I give him all the credit for success!

I am in the process of making some changes for 2015 and I am quite excited to see how it all plays out! This year it is my goal to give my clients a heirloom that they can pass down for generations to come! Don’t get me wrong, I love giving my clients files, but lets be honest-what are the chances of those files going anywhere other than your dusty desk drawer? Life gets busy-and trust me I know how that goes-and the files never end up getting printed. This is what I’m here for-all of my portrait sessions are now going to come with an album or a mount that will be passed down the line for years to come. We always say that we want to lose weight before we do pictures, we make excuses that we are too busy, that we’d like to do this or that before we make the call, the list goes on and on – well guess what, when we pass, our loved ones aren’t going to care about the extra weight, and they definitely aren’t going to care about the other things that you put off to get them done. They are going to love looking back on the pictures and seeing you for who you are, they are going to love seeing their family as it grew through the years, they aren’t going to see the imperfections. Their going to look back on those photos and remember the important things. They are going to remember the love that you shared, the memories that you made, the real you! This life is so short, let me document your story, lets capture the memories you never want to forget.

Below are just some of the memories captured from 2014

  1. rob sigler says:

    Really nice work! Rob šŸ™‚

  2. Emily says:

    U are amazin at what you do, keep up the fantastic work!!!

  3. Robyn Wiggers says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Rob & Emily! Its always great to hear feedback!

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