Mothers Day Tribute

Every Mom deserves to be recognized for all that she does. This Mothers Day, give mom a unique gift that will bring a smile to her face and a tear to her eye time and time again. Capture these moments in your children’s lives that will last a lifetime and be passed on for generations to come! No age is to old or too young, all children have something to say!

Sessions will be held at Kibbe Photography’s studio beside the former Addies Icecream, now Krasas Kove2542 Sunnyside Rd, Findley Lake, NY 14736.

Mothers Day Tribute Video’s can be scheduled April 29nd and May 2nd. Be sure to include ONLY include your name and phone number in the ‘Notes’ if you want this to be anonymous!! Be sure to include your phone number to confirm your reservation here. Schedule your session today for $215; sessions include a 20 minute video session, custom DVD cover, Leatherette DVD case, and a 30-120 second average video dependent on subject number and age. 

This gift is perfect if you are;

A dad looking to surprise your wife, a mom looking to treat yourself to something irreplaceable, a teen wanting give mom an unexpected token of appreciation, or a grandparent looking to give your daughter something special and unique this year.

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