Gettysburg PA – Battlefield Bed & Breakfast – Brandon & Erin – Married!

This wedding was one that is so dear to my heart. Brandon (the groom) has been a best friend since, well forever! We grew up with the Beebe’s, playing paintball, going to each-others school dances, bonfires, all things that best friends do! I can’t say that I know Erin as well as I do Brandon, but I can tell you that she fits right in with the crew! The first time we met her was at Christmas and you better believe she jumped right in the minute to win it games, and was up for whatever we had going on! She is such a sweet, light hearted woman, and we all know she has patience to be able to love Brandon the way she does šŸ˜‰ (whom we love so much as well) šŸ˜€ If we arne’t picking on each other we wouldn’t know that we love each other – just like brother and sister. I am so happy for both Brandon and Erin, I can’t even explain how awesome it is to see my brother marry the woman of his dreams.

Also, I want to throw out a huge THANK YOU, to the both of you, for your service to our country! Erin is part of the Army National Guard, and is constantly advancing in her career every time I ask how things are going for her, so awesome! And Brandon has always wanted to serve his country and fulfilled his dream when he decided to join the Marines. These two know what devotion means and are driven to do what it takes!

Congratulations to you two!! Cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for you guys!

Erins bridesmaid was so cute when she saw Erin all put together šŸ™‚

Is this not the sweetest fist look!? Just look at how excited he is!!

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