Logan – Newborn Photography

I am so honored to say that I have captured so many stages of this family! From Adam and Cheryl’s engagement, to the wedding, first born, and now second born! THIS is what I love about my job!! I have seen this couple not only grow into a family, but grow as people. 

I will never forget what Adam told me when he got out of the car for his engagement session…”I have never smiled for a picture in my life, and I dont intend on changing that today” šŸ˜® ..Stone faced, WOULD NOT even crack a smile! I pulled everything I had to loosen him up and he wouldn’t give me even a smirk! BUT NOW! He’s got 2 little boy and the women of his dreams that have softened him up and he cant help but to smile at them! 

Check out our most recent session with the Moss’s as we welcome Logan into their family! šŸ™‚

  1. Grandma Moss says:

    My beloved son and his family. What precious sons.

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