Raleigh NC – The Bradford New Hill NC – Corey & Grace

What an absolutely wonderful weekend spent in North Carolina, celebrating my friends as they united as husband and wife. The only thing missing was MY hubs! Even though that was a huge bummer (stupid work), it was a great relaxing trip spent in the sun and making memories. We strolled the streets of Raleigh and soaked up all the sun we could! What a beautiful place!!

Not only was it a nice little get away, I had the privilege of being a GUEST to Corey & Grace’s wedding, but as you can see, it was wayyy to beautiful to keep my camera down for the whole night. Everything from my friends, the city, the bride, the groom, the venue, the weather, everything was just beautiful!

I can not say how excited I am for Corey and Grace to start this new chapter of their life as husband and wife. God has blessed them so much already and they are about to be blessed beyond measure as they embark on this journey as one. I love you guys to pieces and can not wait for you to experience life as husband and wife <3

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