Avonia Beach – Tyler & Samantha – Fairview PA

You know how sometimes God just aligns two paths to bump into each other? Well thats what happened with me and Sam! Tyler and Samantha, by far have the best story of how we ended up working together, to date šŸ˜€ So here’s the scoop – Me and my husband are in Ross shopping around when Samantha asks my husband where he got his Sperry’s. She proceeds to tell him she has been on the hunt for her fiance but couldnt seem to find them anywhere. Of course Ray had no idea where I got them from, so he called me over and me and Sam start chatting and eventually the conversation turned into wedding photography. She proceeded to tell me some reasons as to why they had decided not to book a professional photographer and we chatted about the pro’s and con’s to hiring a professional. After our conversation I urged her to think about it, not that I was pushing her to hire me by any means, but just to think about the fact that pictures are all that you have left after the day passes by so so quickly. Long story short, I gave her my card and she ended up calling me to set up a meeting to learn more ..ends up our styles aligned and they ended up booking with me! šŸ˜€

Sometimes we dont think about pictures as a priority until the occasion is said and done and they are missing. Photographs document our lives and give us a visual heirloom to look back on to remember what was going on in that particular time of our lives. Its irreplaceable. How special is it to look at your great grandmas wedding pictures, her family pictures, all the stages throughout her life. And to see them documented beautifully by a professional, there’s just not comparison, its something you cant put a price on. 

Im so glad I ended up running into Sam at Ross! She is officially my “Ross Bride”. We have build a relationship since that day and I am so excited to share their beautiful day with you guys! 

  1. jackie says:

    beautiful wedding pictures – thanks for sharing

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