Mr. & Mrs. Cummings – Majestic Woods WNY – St. Andrew’s Erie PA

Ashley and Bobby started my 2019 wedding season on Saturday, May 18th! Their wedding was held at St. Andrews and the reception, at Majestic Woods located in Clymer, NY! This venue has been one of my favorites and I was looking forward to capturing their big day here and let me just tell you, it blew me out of the water!! As I mentioned on my Instagram earlier this week, WOW, has been my word to describe their day!

Ashley and Bobby’s story all started in California, at the Beale Air Force Base. They worked in the same office, getting to know eachother, and were friends for a while before they officially started to date.

Ashley had shared with me that their first date was a little spontaneous but something they both remember fondly. It all started when Ashley went out with a friend to a salsa club. She sent a photo to Bobby of the fun they were having, thinking he was out of town and wanting to share what she was up too! A few minutes later, Bobby showed up at the club and surprised her! They danced the night away and the rest is history…

As you read, you’ll learn how sweet and thoughtful these guys are! Bobby’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and you can see just how much he adores Ashley. When talking about the proposal, Ashley told me…

“Last September, Bobby decided to propose when my grandma was visiting us from Texas. He had a whole plan and had been scheming with my mom and dad for months. 

He convinced me to get dressed up and that he would take me and my grandma out for a fancy dinner. First, he wanted to go to the National Gallery of Art in D.C., just the two of us. My grandma is in her 80s so we wanted her to rest, then the plan was to go back to the house and pick her up for our dinner reservation. However, Bobby convinced me to take a detour and we stop for a quick drink at a restaurant called Cedar Knoll. When we got there, the owner took us to the back room and there was a fireplace with candles and roses all over. At that point, I knew what was happening. There was music playing and Bobby asked me to dance after he spun me around he got down on one knee and proposed. I completely blacked and was crying happy tears, and of course, said yes. 

The room we were in had a curtain dividing the area. After he proposed, the owner pulled the curtain back and both our families were standing there, including my grandma who I thought was still at the house lol my family flew in from San Antonio & Burleson, TX and his family drove in from Corry, PA. He definitely went all out and completely surprised me.”

One of the many things I love about chatting with my clients about what they are looking forward too about being married. I encourage my couples to share that with each other as we are experiencing the big day. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the day, our connection gets a little lost. 

So when I asked Ashley what she was most excited for, she shared this… “ Just to have that one person you can depend on through life for the good and the bad”

“Bobby, What is your favorite thing about your wife?”

His answer…  “How much she laughs, her independence and that she lets me be me.”

As I’m capturing all of the big moments of your day, I always want to make sure I get those photos of the sentimental things. Some of those are shown in the photo of Ashley holding her bouquet. You’ll see Ashley’s necklace, which is one that Bobby boutght while in Afghanistan, without anyone to give it to at the time, but knew someday he would give it to someone special. She’s also wearing the original ring Ashley’s dad proposed to her mother with when they were just 19 years young. And then of course you’’ll see the wedding band under Ashley’s engagement ring symbolizing the vows and commitment made by Bobby and Ashley on May 18th to love and cherish each other from that day forward. 

Sharing my couple’s love stories and encouraging them through the first steps of marriage is my favorite part of my job. I look forward to the weeks to come when I can share each couple with you and the beautiful images we create together! 

Congratulations to Ashley and Bobby!! I am showering you in prayers as you start this new journey! 

Thanks to all the vendors who worked together to make such an awesome day for these two!

Venue: Majestic Woods

Hair & Makeup: Alaina Thomasm Makeup Artistry

Catering: Sabella’s Catering

Flowers: Bloomers

Video: Fruit Tree Studios

Wedding Planner: Your Big Day – Pittsburgh Wedding Planning Services

DJ: Millennium Sound Productions

Dress: Global Bridal Gallery

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