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Gregg and Denise’s wedding took place on Saturday, June 1st. The ceremony and reception were at the stunning Majestic Woods venue in Clymer, NY!

Although the day didn’t go quite as planned (which makes all the best memories anyway) it turned out to be so great! 

The rain held off for the start of the day, and we were able to squeeze in their first look and most of our posed pictures before the rain came!

At the tail end of our portraits it started raining, so we quickly hopped into the gazebo just in time for the sky to open up! And guys, let me tell you, it monsooned!! After running to my car for my umbrellas we got some of my favorite pictures of the day!

I was so excited we got to do the first look, these moments are so full of happiness and giddy love. The anticipation to see each other, and all the moments building up to this..there is just something incomparable to that look of love when they finally get to see each-other and share that moment on such an exciting day! Gregg’s tears of joy just melted my heart!

Once the rain started, we knew it wasn’t stopping anytime soon, so the ceremony had to be moved inside but when I checked on Denise’s stress level I shouldn’t have been surprised when she said she couldn’t have felt any better about it all. In her words, she ‘felt more like herself now that she was a little wet’. She’s not a girly girl who’s used to wearing makeup, so being a little rained on made her feel more relaxed and more in character of what she’s used to. Nothing was going to stress these two out, they were so laid back and just focused on having a great day together and celebrating their love. 

So here’s a little more about these two..

Gregg and Denies first met in high school when they both ran CrossCountry, but it wasn’t until homecoming in 2011 when they had their first conversation. Gregg asked for Denise’s number from her best friend and they went on their first date a few months later! 

Here is what Denise shared with me about their story…

“We have been inseparable since September 19, 2011, after Gregg got my phone number at the homecoming dance. Our first date wasn’t until November when we went to the Warren movie theater to see Jack and Jill. Gregg asked me to be his girlfriend that night.. and I said no. oops lol. He was the first guy I ever liked so it was kind of scary for me. That January of 2012 we went to a snowball dance together and again Gregg asked me to be his girlfriend.. and again I turned the poor guy down. The next month on February 4th of 2012 Gregg had been texting my best friend about wanting to ask me to be his girlfriend again but was scared I would say no for the 3rd time. My friend had “talked me into it” and we have been together ever since. At that time I loved where our relationship was as best friends and was scared to see that change. I am happy to say that 7 years later Gregg has shown me how great it is to be in a relationship with your best friend and the joys of living life together. If it had been solely up to Gregg he would have proposed a long time ago, but due to the beliefs, I grew up with I wanted to finish college and have careers first. Gregg has lovingly been by my side through this entire journey.”

I witnessed that love and devotion to each other throughout the ceremony and felt the love during the reception where they were surrounded by all their friends and family! We laughed as Gregg and Denise played the shoe game at the reception and danced the night away.

Congratulations once more Gregg and Denise! Here is to years of traveling, adventuring and living forever as Mr. & Mrs. Yost!! I hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon in Iceland!! What an awesome place to start this new chapter!!

Venue: Majestic Woods

Hair: Picturesque

Catering: Sabella’s Catering

Cake: Cakes by Brandy

Flowers: Gerlachs Floral

Video: Shawn Hungerford Cinema

DJ: Millennium Sound Productions

Dress: Davids Bridal

Suits: Mens Wearhouse

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