Mr. and Mrs. Clontz -Shakespeare’s Restaurant- Ellwood, PA Wedding

Karina and Eric had one of the most unique wedding venues! It looked like a castle right out of Ireland.

Both the ceremony and reception where held at Shakespeare’s Restaurant & Pub at Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood, PA.

Karina and Eric met through mutual friends in 2012 and Karina was the first to make the move because she didn’t think Eric was moving fast enough.. This is how she tells the story; “We met through mutual friends and hung out in a group multiple times before I asked for his number since he hadn’t made a move. Then one night we were all walking back from an event and I decided to jokingly hip check him – a huge mistake for someone 5’4” to attempt on someone 6’4” who played football his whole life. He saw something coming out of the corner of his eye and braced himself and I went flying as if I had hit a brick wall! My head hit the concrete and we both immediately knew I had a concussion. This was actually my 5th concussion so I didn’t think I needed to go to the health center until a few days later. Eric went with me but they ended up sending me to the ER. He is a saint and came with me even though it was the night before his birthday (we were there until past 2 am…happy birthday to Eric!) and this is actually where he met my mom for the first time. A week later he asked me to make it official and be his girlfriend and I, of course, said yes – maybe something to do with the brain injury ;)”

Fast forward to Eric proposing in front of a waterfall on their first hiking trip of a weekend of camping. As they say, the rest was history!

These two were a joy to photograph and brought a big smile to my face. They had the best time together and that is my hope for everyone on their wedding day.

Karina’s bouquet was wrapped in two handkerchiefs. One belonging to her Abuela who had passed before Karina got a chance to meet her, but is often told that she is just like her! The other is for her grandma who couldn’t make it to the wedding because of health issues but was with her in spirit through this handkerchief. All the personal touches of a wedding day are always my favorites! These details are what makes up your day and makes is so special and unique to you!

The day was one for the books and I think a good way to end this is to share a part of Karina’s wedding vows 😀

“…And I promise to always try to be the person you deserve. I vow to always be honest, and to be your best friend and your biggest fan – even if that means finding myself laughing at truly lame jokes and never-ending impressions. I vow that no matter the distance or time spent apart, I will always come back to you and will always carry you with me in my heart. I vow to never let us go to bed angry, and, most importantly, to love you more every day.”

Congratulations to Eric and Karina!!

Venue & Catering: Shakespeare’s Restaurant & Pub

Florist: Posies by Patti

Cake: Tin Man Sweets Bake Shop

DJ: Michael Walters

Hair & Makeup: Kreation Hair Studio & Spa

Dress: David’s Bridal

Suites: Men’s Wearhouse

Ring: James Allen Rings

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