Meredith and Kyle’s Backyard Wedding – July 4th, 2020

This may not have been the wedding Kyle and Meredith had planned for July 4th, 2020 – it ended up being so special and filled with lots of details that made their day so special! As I have said throughout this, my couples have rolled with the punches so well!

The original plan Kyle and Meredith had was to be married in Georgia at a brewery with all of their family and friends…but as you can guess, COVID completely wrecked all those plans!

Fast-forward through all the mess and stress that comes along with revamping a completed plan, we ended up in Kyle’s Moms backyard with a small party of their closest family and friends.
Two of their closest friends married them, and they transformed the backyard into a beautiful wedding venue. The fact that they pushed through and decided to stick with their original date to get married is so awesome and they definitely made something beautiful out of what seemed like such a mess at the beginning of all the changes.

There were so many things I loved about this wedding, but let’s start with the fact that they did the first look! I personally LOVE when couples do a first look! This is one of those special moments that they will never forget, stepping back from the schedule of the day and talking to each other about how great they look and how excited they are to be making vows to each other. This time carved out of a crazy day of hustle and celebration, allows you as a couple to react to each other authentically without the pressure of others watching you.
I love that they get to talk and snuggle and spend some time, just the two of them. Sometimes people’s first thought is that the moment that she walks down the aisle won’t be special or romantic if they see each other beforehand, but as you can see here, that is not the case at all! Meredith still took Kyle’s breath away as her dad walked her down the aisle and he had to wipe a tear away as he took in her beauty and all the excitement he was feeling.

Talking about tears, I couldn’t help but have a few of my own tears when we made our final stop before the ceremony to the nursing home to see Kyles’s grandmother, Meme. She picked at the bottom of the plexiglass trying to get to them and I’ll never forget her saying “I can’t believe I can’t touch you” …GUYS! Talk about having to hold a waterfall back from raging out of my eyes!!! Meme was so happy to see them and was so happy to see that Kyle was wearing his grandfather’s watch on his special day.

Meredith also wanted to honor her late grandmother during her big day so she held a bible that all the girls in the family have held walking down the aisle that belonged to her Grandma. She also wore her Grandmother’s wedding gown that has been worn 3 times by women in Meredith’s family, including her mom!

Another cool fact about Meredith and Kyle is the story behind their rings! Since Meredith isn’t much of a jewelry wearer, she knew that she wanted something different for her ring, so they found Gillian Conroy, a New York jeweler who made their vision come to life! They turned out stunning and were so beautiful to photograph.

These two love birds ended their wedding day in the cheesiest, best 4th of July outfit and I have to give them the ‘Best Reception Outfit’ award to date!! šŸ˜€

Now that you’ve read all about their big day, scroll down the page to see the stories come to life!


Flowers: Allburn Florist

Rings: Gillian Conroy

Rentals: Erie Pop Up Weddings

Cater: Make It Fabulous Catering

Suit: Macy’s

Picture Locations: Bicenntenial Tower / Frontier Park / Modern Tool

  1. Jim n Bonnie Davis says:

    God bless šŸ˜‡ love and prayers to you all..May God work wonders in your lives .Was such a beautiful wedding,so glad I got to see it So glad you got to see meme I know that made her day..I think with the virus being around you really killed it with a gorgeous ā¤ļø day.. Nothing can stop love…….

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