Retort – Burch Farms Wedding | Pennsylvania Photographer

On May 29th at Burch Farms in Pennsylvania, Erika & Zach said ‘I Do’! They had originally planned to have the wedding outside but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating, and they had to pivot to plan B, which they made just as beautiful! No matter what time of year you are planning a wedding, it’s always smart to always have a backup plan for situations that are out of your control.

Zach and Erika met on tinder! Another success story for online dating 😃 Erika shared with me that she and Zach talked for about 2 months before they met in person and Zach quickly became her go-to person and the one she could count on to bring a smile to her face and make her laugh any given day. However, she shared when they finally met it wasn’t a “love at first sight” kind of story but more of a “love as we got to know each other” kinda love! Once they knew how they felt about each other they were all in! Erika said, “I have never felt more loved than when we are together I think when you find your person it just feels like home no matter where you are as long as you’re together! I feel so blessed to find someone that shares the same values as me and someone that has loved me so purely and so unconditionally. I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world.” How sweet is that?!?

On their big day, Zach teared up seeing Erika during their first look and it made those first few moments so special and memorable. He cried again seeing her walk down the aisle during the ceremony and I think that’s a great reminder that first looks really don’t ruin the excitement of the ceremony! Instead, they allow you to connect with your spouse before you get swept up into the hustle and bustle of the wedding day – first looks are some of my favorite moments!!


Hair: Shear Delight Salon and Day Spa

Instagram: @sheardelighterie

Venue: Burch Farms 

Makeup: Tootstorials

Food: Jodi D’antonio 

Decorating and planning: all points go to Erika’s mom!

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