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Sam and Cody are married!! At the gorgeous location of Majestic Woods, these two said I do!

Their day was filled with little details that showed the love they have for their family and what they mean to each other.
Sam and Cody met in the summer of 2016 when Sam started work at the same shop that Cody worked at. She needed to ask Cody a question about a part but was too nervous to talk to him. He later admitted he was just as nervous but ended up showing her how his job worked and they became friends! Cody joked with Sam that her life was like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. Cody teased her and called her Alice to which she called him the Hatter. At their wedding, they had these little inside jokes scattered around the reception.

Sam & Cody have many little meaningful gifts they have exchanged throughout their years together. The first gift Cody ever got Sam was a two-toned yellow and white gold shooting Star necklace. He told her this story about how he traveled all the way to the night sky and couldn’t fit a star in his pocket so the necklace was the next best thing.

When Cody proposed in March 2018 at they had a Valentine’s Day weekend in Pittsburgh, he brought their star theme into it too. They spent the day exploring and as the sunset they went to the Grandview Overlook which overlooks the city. Sam said, “Honestly it was freezing and I was ready to get back in the car but Cody wouldn’t let us leave! He was waiting for the people who were there to leave! He told me the city has 3 stars above it. That’s what the three rivers and what influenced the 3 stars in the Steelers emblem, he then tried to get me to see the star and I couldn’t because it was cloudy (and the star doesn’t even exist as he making all this up) but then acted like he reached out and grabbed the star and got down on one knee with his hand in his coat pocket, And then choked! Stone silent! Couldn’t remember a single thing he planned to say!” Needless to say, it must have worked out in Cody’s favor because here we are today celebrating their wedding!! (The ring has two tones yellow and white gold star on the inside, although with being Tinkerbelle inspired from the Disney enchanted collection!)

Help me in congratulating these two on happily ever after! May you have many years of reaching for the stars together!



Venue: Majestic Wood
Catering: Sabellas Catering

Cake/Goodies: Icing on the Lake

Instagram: @icingonthelake821

Dress: Davids Bridal

Instagram: @davidsbridal

Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Instagram: @menswearhouse

Floral: Flowers by Val Chamberlin

DJ: Unlimited mobile

Hair and Makeup: friend Jillian Hull

Rings: Patrick Adair Designs

  1. Vicki Clore says:

    Love the pictures. You do beautiful work. It was a wonderful wedding and you got the greatest shots to show there love. Thank you.

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