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On July 24th, Zach & Jenelle tied the knot to have each other for life!

Jenelle had the BIGGEST crush on Zach since 8th grade! Their story started slowly with the two getting to know each other through group activities in high school. They had a great group of friends but eventually, Zach and Jenelle started going off on their own adventures! They became best friends but Jenelle wasn’t sure if Zach felt the way she did. SOOO one night back in 2015 their group of friends was playing truth or dare around the campfire and Jenelle decided to take a leap! She asked him if he had a crush and he said yes but wouldn’t tell her who!! After a little back and forth it FINALLY came out that Zach did have a crush on Jenelle and the rest is history! Jenelle shared, “Being so young I am so thankful that we grew together and not apart. We found God together, began to study our bibles, and eventually ended up finding a church we love. God changed our lives in every aspect. I think back at those two kids playing truth or dare and then I think of who we are now. While we still love a good game of truth or dare and the people we play with are still the same “people” none of us are the same person we were that night and I am so grateful to God for that. Some things never changed though, Zach still makes me laugh to the point that I could pee my pants, he still puts up with my shenanigans and is always down to go on whatever crazy adventure I dream up on a sunny summer day.”

Jenelle & Zach are a great reminder that finding a person who makes everyday life fun, is worth it! You need a person to make you laugh randomly, go on adventures, and worship God together!

I’m so grateful that God brought together two people who couldn’t be better paired!

Congratulations Jenelle & Zach!

Vender List:

Venue: Whittier Apple Farm

Church: Family Church Jamestown (Pastor Brad)

DJ: Becker DJ Services 

Florist- Mother of the bride & Mother of the Groom 

Hair- Jodi from Alternatives Salon & Spa

Video: Corey Nedell Media

Catering: 3C’s Catering 

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse



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