Roth – Whittier Apple Farm – Ashville NY

Kait & Adler’s day brought tears to my eyes in the best way! Their wedding was focused around Christ and her family so much it just seeped into every detail of the day! There were so many moments I teared up behind my camera watching the excitement and sparkle in their eyes. Not to mention Kaits Dad’s first look with his little girl and Kait’s sweet bond with her brothers!

Here is a little peek into Kait and Adler’s story…


They first met in August of 2015! They were both Freshmen at Geneva College on the Cross Country team, but their love story did not begin until May of 2016. During that year they grew as friends and built a strong base for where they are today – GETTING MARRIED!! Both Kait and Adler repeatedly credit God for their beautifully authored love story, He truly works all things out for good. When these two first met, they truly didn’t think they would be getting married one day, but Adler shares how he knew his feelings were changing when he and Kait talked about their dream first dates! Turns out both of them are suckers for simple dates! Going on a nice walk outside, or adventuring outdoors, or sitting under the stars! One thing lead to another and Adler finally asked Kait if there was any way she’d consider going on a date with him… Kait wasn’t quite there yet and viewed Adler as just a friend. She politely declined BUT God can surprise us sometimes! His plans are greater than our plans! They eventually became best friends and the entire time Kait’s grandma kept saying- “Ya know sometimes your best friend can become more than that”.

So for two weeks, Kait prayed that the Lord would show her that He was the man she was meant to pursue. One night she told Adler that she would like to go on a walk and talk with him- which in his mind was her saying we need to have another “Brother sister talk”- but things had changed in Kait’s heart! She shares, ” that night I told him that the Lord has put it on my heart to pursue him and that I liked him back. We both were beyond happy and at peace. Three weeks later we started dating officially and four and a half years later he asked me to be his forever adventure partner. We both did not have one of those “Ya know when ya know moments”, but we knew in our hearts that we truly and genuinely loved one another. We both had the intentions of marrying one another, but it was at our two-year mark we both knew with our entire hearts that we were going to marry one another. A lot happens and you get to know someone significantly in 4 and a half years- but the Lord is faithful and we couldn’t be more thankful for what the Lord has in store!”

Kait and Adler’s story is a reminder to all of us about if you continue to pursue God’s will, He will show you His perfect plan for your life!


Venue:  Whittier Apple Farms

 Whittier Apple Farm | Facebook

Caterer: Valerio’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

 Valerio’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria | Facebook

DJ: Chris Hooks Productions | Wedding DJ

Cake/ Catering:  Jen Beal & Debbie Schurman

Jens Cake & Cookies: Jen Beal Cakes & Cookies | Facebook

Wedding Dress- Formality Resale

Formality Resale (@formalityresale) • Instagram photos and videos

Formality Resale | Facebook

Flowers- Miss Millies Proper Peddals

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