Elegant Garden Wedding – Styled Shoot – Warren PA

I’m so excited to share the our garden themed styled shoot! Stacey, of Rowen and Eden Photography, came to me with the idea of a styled shoot at the Day’s Inn in Warren PA. This space has never been used for a wedding but we could see the potential for a beautiful garden themed wedding, and man did it live up to our expectations!!

In this blog post, we’ll also explore the many benefits of participating in a styled shoot, including networking opportunities, portfolio building, and the freedom to unleash your creative juices without the pressures of a wedding day. Lets dive in!!

  1. Networking: Cultivating Connections That Grow You and Your Business

Shoot-outs are more than just a chance to create beautiful images; they offer a unique platform for networking and building relationships within the industry. From photographers and event planners to florists and makeup artists, styled shoots bring together a diverse array of talented professionals. Collaborating with like-minded individuals allows for meaningful connections, fostering potential collaborations and referrals that can propel your career forward.

Vendors involved:

  1. Portfolio Building: Creative Freedom and Showcasing Skills

Styled shoots provide an invaluable opportunity to expand and diversify your portfolio. As professionals, we constantly strive to showcase our best work and attract our dream clients. By participating in a styled shoot, you have the opportunity to show off your favorite themes, styles, and settings, elevating your portfolio with captivating imagery that resonates with your target audience. Whether you’re a photographer seeking to capture whimsical moments or a designer showcasing your innovative floral arrangements, styled shoots allow you to curate a stunning collection that reflects your artistic vision.

  1. Creative Freedom: Unleashing Imagination with Ease

One of the most appealing aspects of a styled shoot is the freedom it offers. Unlike a wedding day, where time constraints and client expectations reign, styled shoots give vendors the creative liberty to experiment, take risks, and explore new ideas. This creative playground empowers you to push boundaries, discover your signature style, and create awe-inspiring work that resonates with your artistic vision.

So, if you’re a professional seeking to expand your network, enhance your portfolio, or unleash your creative freedom, consider joining a shoot-out or hosting your own styled shoot and immerse yourself in a world of boundless possibilities. Let your talents flourish in the company of like-minded creatives, and watch your dream injuries flood in!

Without further ado, lets hop in!!

First, meet Krista of Krista Jee Hair & Makeup! A fun, and super talented artist that shared her makeup skills for our styled shoot!

Next, we have Amy of Gracie Mae Bridal Hair. This gal is so talented and devoted to serving her Brides and not only does phenomenal hairdo’s, but also gives a great customer experience as well!

I am fully convinced that EVERYONE needs a charcuterie board during your cocktail hour after seeing Betsy of Your Daily Serving work her magic!!

I am not much of a cake person, but I must say, Killa Kookies Kream made a heck of a tasty cake!!!! It was so moist and was absolutely delicious!!

Ok, how stinking beautiful are these cookies by K Creations! Who knew cookies could be so pretty!? They make themed cookies for any occasion, and are the perfect addition to spruce up your wedding desert table!!

It’s all in the personalized details when it comes to making your wedding unique! To Etch Their Own helped our vision come to life with these adorable signs!

And now for more pretty pictures that come out of these amazing vendors working together!!

These florals though!!! WOWWW!!! Ekey’s Marketplace floored us with these stunning flowers!!

And Virgann Flower Shop pieced together a gorgeous bridal bouquet for our boho bride!! Good florals make all the difference in photos, and Virgann’s did not disappoint!!

How about this dress from AW Bridal! They have so many affordable dresses, and I was shocked by the quality!! They didn’t skimp on the design and it fit our model like a glove! I would definitely suggest checking them out from our experience!!

Lastly, a shoutout to all the photographers who came to network, create, and build their portfolio! Ya’ll were so fun to be with! Everyone was so kind and gracious! We are so glad you joined us!!!

Remember to visit the websites of the incredible vendors who made this styled shoot possible!

  1. Stacey Clark says:

    🙌 what a wonderful day!!!! Thanks to all of the vendors, you’re incredible! Our models were absolutely fantastic! Everyone on the photographers that joined us were simply amazing as well!

    This is a perfect recap Robyn! ❤️

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