Mr. and Mrs. Ryan – Goodell Garden’s & Homestead- Edinboro, PA

On Saturday, September 7th at Goodell Garden & Homestead in Edinboro PA, Ron and Melissa exchanged vows and became Husband and Wife!

Our newlyweds had a beautiful indoor/outdoor wedding with lots of unique touches. A couple of things that stood out to me was, Ron and Melissa asking their guest to be fully present by requesting them to refrain from cell phone use during the ceremony. They took their vows seriously and wanted everyone to be completely present for the vows they were about to make. They also passes their rings through the rows of guests to say a prayer over them! They wanted the symbol they would be wearing to carry their support, love, and to bless their marriage. Guests committed to praying for them through any hard times throughout their marriage. So cool!!

Ron and Melissa met when Melissa was out with some friends and started texting from there! She wasn’t sure if she wanted to take a chance but after a nudge from her best-friend she went for it and the rest is history.

After the ceremony, we moved into a covered tent for a delicious dinner where the couple was showered in stories and love from guests and the wedding party! Ron and Melissa made sure to thank their parents and guests for sharing on that special day. It is always a joy for me to see couples so supported by their loved ones.

We moved into the barn for cake and dancing the night away with their favorite, the Dave Matthews Band! Thanks to Lake Erie Events for an extra special first dance with “Dancing On A Cloud!”

A few other special touches from the day was the touch of blue in Melissas bouquet of Blueberries, (so unique and beautiful!!) a caricature of the couple with their animals for their guestbook and fireworks throughout the night!

It was a beautiful day and I would love to wish this couple a big Congratulations once more!

“…Because of you, I know there’s more to life than I ever thought possible. You are my greatest adventure. You are my forever home. You are my best days. You are my endless nights. You are my once in a lifetime. You are my always. I love you for everything that you are.” – An excerpt from Ron and Melissa’s program.

Venue: The Goodell Garden & Homestead

Officiant: Diana Ziemniak

Hair: Ulta

Makeup: Makeup by Kate

Video: Dagna Griffin Creative

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