How To Love Your Spouse Well This Valentines Day

Happy Month Of Love!!

I am all about using February as a reminder and the springboard to focus on being intentional with our spouses and loved ones. I will be the first to admit that the hubs and I don’t always do the best job at getting out and spicing up our time together and can easily get into the busy trap. Being intentional about going out is something we have been focusing on in the last couple of months. For Christmas, my parents gifted us with a Dining Club brochure, which gives us a good excuse to go out and try new places! This not only gives us great discounts on our meals, but helps us discover new places we’ve never been to or heard of!! So you get great food, with great company, all while supporting great people that are local to you! The Program is Erie’s Dining Club and you can find the details at! Some of the delicious places that are apart of it are Alexander’s, Library Bar & Grill, and John’s Wildwood Pizzeria, and a ton more! With the brochure, you can easily check off restaurants as you go, which takes away all the googling and attempting to find somewhere new!

My heart in sharing this with you goes beyond just a yummy dinner but more about using this month as a chance to dive deep into being intentional with your spouse. Valentine’s Day is only one day, and although it is a great time to be all lovey-dovey the same energy poured into that day should be applied the whole year. Showing your spouse love goes beyond going out for dinner. It’s also the little things like leaving them notes around the house, or making their favorite coffee in the morning or putting your phones away and playing cards together. The whole idea is that you have a mindset of setting time aside just for you two. It can even be carving time out of your crazy schedules for a walk or doing the dishes when you know it is their least favorite choir! Something that makes your spouse feel loved that you aren’t obligated to do. Our lives are fast pact, full of technology and obligations, so we have to work extra hard to guard those moments spent together.

I pray this year is a year filled with love and growth!

Let me know some things you like to do for your spouse in the comments!!


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