The Long Awaited Bathroom Remodel

The long awaited bathroom remodel blog post is finally here! I know many of you asked for links, before and after pictures and why we decided to renovate our bathroom! Let’s jump right into it…

Why you decided to remodel?

Two reasons on what made us decide to rip out our whole bathroom and start again 😅 The first reason is that we only have ONE bathroom in our whole home. This doubles as our master bath AND guest bathroom so we wanted to make it a place that was functional for all of those needs. The second reason was that my awesome husband wanted a walk in shower in the worst way!! We also tried to be practical and keep in mind our kids in the future with the bench in the shower, along with the handheld/adjustable shower head. Overall, this made it the most versatile!

What was your inspiration, if any?

Pinterest is the dark hole for millions of home decor photos that sparked my interest and creative process. I liked little things from different photos, but this first photo attached is the one that I gained most of my inspiration from!

The biggest hurtle in the renovation was the mirror! We looked high and low for a large single framed mirror. Although I had liked the set up of two, the practicality of one was important to us. After searching high and low I compromised and purchased the mirror in the second photo below. A chunky, wood framed mirror. However, after staring at it for a few days, I just couldn’t let go of the vision I had had. Thank goodness I didn’t because the mirror we have now makes all the difference! I ended up ordering a frameless mirror and having it framed separately! The frameless mirror came from Lowes, and the frame came from AmericanFrame.

The whole process took about 2 months with hiring a local contractor. My biggest piece of advice is: TAKE YOUR TIME. If you are spending the money and putting your time in, you shouldn’t settle. Sometimes a process can take longer than expected, but it is always worth it in the end!

I hope you could gain some inspiration from this!!





Tile & frameless mirror came from Lowes

Amazon link w/ products: BATHROOM PRODUCTS – Towels, faucet, shelves, hardware, ext.

Signs: I made & printed the graphics

Containers on shelves are from: Trades of Hope

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