Florals, Florals, Florals!

In honor of National Floral Day, here’s some tips on picking your florist, flowers, and information on some of our local florists!!

Tips on picking your florist

Decide On A Budget!!

This goes for all your vendors! Pick your must-haves that are biggest priority and budget those first, then adjust the rest to meet your total budget.

Talk To Other Couples About Their Florist

Suggestions from couples and photographers whose weddings you’ve loved can be the best way to find what you are looking for! First-hand experiences are always a great way to get information and suggestions!

Have A General Idea Of Your Guest Count & Bridal Party

This will give your florist a chance to give you an accurate price, along with setup time and how long it’ll take them to prepare everything!

All Florists are not the same

As with any profession, some florists will fit your style and ideas better than others! Don’t be afraid to search around! Find a florist that matches your dream!

You need to show what you’re thinking, not just explain.

A picture of what you are thinking is always a good idea! Although Pinterest can be overwhelming, it does have some beautiful work to gain inspiration from!

Top Wedding Flower Tips

(A great florist will walk you through all of this and make recommendations! This is to just get your mind flowing!)

Flowers aren’t just bouquets and centerpieces

Florals can be a stunning way to bring your style into the day and add a fresh, vibrant aspect! Great for your archway, an arbor or to decorate the head table! Think about all of the important photos these will create a beautiful backdrop for…the first kiss, family photos, first dance, all of the important things! Beautiful florals can create beautiful backdrops!

Bring Meaning into your flowers

I always always encourage my couples to personalize their day as much as possible! Using your bouquet to attach charms, pictures, wraps and other symbolic items not only add meaning, but it just makes it all the more magical!

Recycle your blooms & dry your bouquets after the day

Don’t forget that you can keep those stunning bouquets and use them for decor in your home!

Local Florists We Love

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