Cliff and Kaylee’s Backyard Wedding

If you guys saw Cliff and Kaylee’s sneak peek on social media, then you read about that smitten look that Cliff gets when he is in his happy place…I grew up with Cliff and would seen that look a number of times throughout the years. It was so much fun seeing that SAME EXACT look on Cliff’s face as a man marrying the love of his life!

She hunts, she’s funny, she’s beautiful, and most of all, she puts up with Cliff’s shenanigans! They’ve built a life together and now they are joined as one!

I’m so excited to see you guys grow together and expand your little family. I just hope that Kaylee keeps the combo to the safe when the baby girls come along because they are going to make the most beautiful babies ever! Boys that want to hit on Cliff’s daughter…this is your fair warning! Run while you have the chance 😉

But in all seriousness, these two pulled off a heck of a wedding in the mids of Covid and had everyone in tears thought-out their beautiful day!

Congratulations again! Way to rock the socks off of Covid!

Thanks to everyone who pulled together to put together such a beautiful day!


Florist: Bloomers Flower & Ashley Jo Antiques⁠

Cake: Jen with Jen Beal Cakes & Cookies⁠⠀

DJ: Liz Covey

Makeup: Makeup by Kelsey

Catering: Sabella’s Catering⁠⠀

Dress: M. A. Carr Bridal⁠

Ring: Jared

Invitations: Minted

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