Jeremy and Katrina’s Backyard Wedding

What a beautiful day Jeremy and Katrina had last weekend! Their family and friends came together and turned what could have been a COVID nightmare into a fairytale! They laughed, they cried, and most of all, they had fun!!

All of Katrina’s dreams came true, including the fact of eating Buffalo Wild Wings in her wedding dress. One of the first times we met, this was a must on her wedding day list! These are my favorite parts of the wedding day! Stepping outside of all the traditions and infusing YOU into your wedding day!

Jeremy and Katrina met at Dairy Queen so we had to stop there to snag a picture and you wouldn’t be disappointed with what we had for dessert…a chest freezer FULL of single-serve DQ ice cream and all the toppings to add! Seriously, my kind of people!!!!

They pulled it off and pulled it off with class! Down to earth, cake in your MOH’s face kind of fun! These two had a heck of a day and they were so so grateful for everyone that came together to make it happen!

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with my couples rocking these COVID weddings and making them more beautiful and special than ever! Overcoming EVERY obstacle in their way to join together as husband and wife no matter what their circumstances are! Yes yes yessss! Ya’ll rock my socks off!!!

Ok enough blabbering, check out their beautiful day!!


Dress: David’s Bridal

Hair: Expressions Salon 

Flowers: They did them!

DJ: Henrey 

Church: Saint Luke’s

Food: Sabella’s Catering

Rings: Jared’s Rings

Locations we stopped at : Dairy Queen & Wild Wings

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