Peek N’ Peak Wedding

I shared this on Instagram but I can’t help but share it again! If Ray and I were to get married again, it would look a lot like this wedding day! There was so much such attention to meaningful details, set aside time for the bride and groom to connect, and was so easygoing throughout the whole day! My kind’ve wedding day!

Let’s dive into their story before I share their gorgeous day with you!

These two met a decade ago at a Justin Moore concert. They began dating shortly after meeting and their love for each other quickly grew! When you know you know! She fell in love with his adventurousness, sense of humor, and caring nature. She fell in love with her thoughtfulness, determination, and big heart.

His hobbies are hunting and fishing and he brought her along where she developed a love for hunting too! If you follow me on socials, you would have seen their engagement photos included some cool camo shots. The two of them began spending a lot of time together in the great outdoors and enjoyed each other’s company. Together they have created many memories in the woods and this has become a large part of who they are as a couple. They wouldn’t trade it for the world! They love sharing something that they both are so passionate about and both have great memories of providing for their family with successful hunting trips.

In 2014, the two of them moved to Nashville where the bride pursued her first job as a Physical Therapist. Living in the south has brought them many friends and experiences they cherish. Both love all types of music, with country music being their favorite. One of their best friends, Nestor Andress, who they met in Nashville, sang one of his original country love songs as the bride walked down the aisle at their wedding! Those personalized details bring some of the best memories!

Their proposal story is a funny one! He planned to propose while on a family vacation in Myrtle beach. He had planned this whole thing with a beautiful dinner with immediate family at a seafood restaurant! The night started off going as planned with beautiful weather and a really good meal on the waterfront. During dinner, however, she accidentally spilled a ramekin of melted butter all down the front of the dress she was wearing… and all he could think at that moment was oh nooo, everything was so perfect, but now her dress is a greasy mess…haha! He ended up deciding to wait until the next evening to propose to her in front of her entire family on the beach during family photos! It all worked out perfectly in the end and she was glad her whole family was there to celebrate their engagement!

These two are excited to finally start their life together as husband and wife and also start a family in the near future! They truly are best friends, life-long companions, and hunting partners for life! They were so laid back throughout their whole wedding day which I love to see. Some honorable mentions from their day I loved were; having a first look together where they read personalized vows to each other. Whenever I suggest first looks to my couples I am sometimes met with the thought that a first look would ruin the moment of walking down the aisle, but as you scroll through the images you will see that is not the case! The groom still cried seeing his bride walk down the aisle and they also got to share that special alone time before the crazy of the wedding day started. Another favorite moment from this wedding day was them sneaking away to do a last dance at the reception while everyone else was outside. I am ALL for moments that bring you back to the present with your person!

Now that we have all of that covered, what we are all here for, the photos! Enjoy and let me know your favorite part of the day!

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Peek’n Peak Resort

Dress: Bridal Beginning 

Designed: Maggies Ottero Designs

Rings: Breakiron Jewlers

Makeup: Phylicia Bongiorno Kalivoda

Hair: Carrie Eibl with Zef Color Society

Florist: Potratz Floral and Greenhouse

DJ: Millennium Sound Productions

Videography: Shawn Hungerford

Cake: Sandy Burick

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