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Now let’s get to the good part!

Michael & Brianna’s story starts as high-school sweethearts! While it was a little rocky at the beginning since Brianna had originally had a bit of a crush on Michael’s best friends… but unexpected things in life usually lead to the best things in life!
Like any other young relationship, Michael and Brianna had their ups and downs as they went through
different stages of their teenage years, but they always stuck by each other no
matter what! Once they got past that phase when
you’re right out of high school and are a new college student, they found that they were happier
together and that it was more worth it to compromise on something than give each other an
ultimatum about a given situation. They describe their relationship as fun, childish, and goofy BUT also very loving and romantic! Brianna and Michael are the perfect descriptions of marrying someone who makes you laugh so hard you cry!

Brianna shares, “Michael is the best at surprising me. The best example is with our engagement (there are too
many to remember so that has to be the most significant)! In the summer of 2019, we talked about
wanting to go somewhere for a weekend because we always try to do something like that every
year. He mentioned that we should stay a night at the Caboose Motel in Titusville, ride a train
through the old oil fields and go rollerblading at the state park the next day. He said that his
mom’s friend lived nearby and would drop off some water and food for us to take to the park
after we’re done rollerblading. Sounds good to me! That morning we’re supposed to go
rollerblading and I see a picnic basket on our motel and said to him, “oh I didn’t know Debbe had the
same picnic basket as your mom!” not thinking anything of it besides that. I also asked him why he was wearing a nicer long sleeve shirt and khaki shorts instead of gym clothes like me, and he
said it was because it might be chilly in the shade. Well alright then. So we’re at the park and
come upon a bridge over the river, so we stopped to look at the view; all of a sudden he gets
down on one knee!! In rollerblades too, impressive!! I was just so shocked! We were only 21… I
wasn’t even thinking about getting married at that time! So then I knew why he dressed like that
(even though I was mad because I had shorts and a t-shirt on, and only had ONE coat of nail
polish on hahaha) AND where then realized where the picnic basket came from! Michael and his mom had the trip
and engagement all planned out for months!! I think that is one of the most special things about
our relationship- how we’re able to surprise each other or find the simplest ways to make each
other happy.”

Then on September 25, 2021, at the beautiful Quincy Cellars surrounded by friends and family, Michael and Brianna became husband and wife! All of the awkward high-school moments, the years spent getting to know each other and figure out their relationship, finally came to the moment they had both been waiting for – the wedding! With a little bit of rain and a whole lot of fun, Brianna & Michael started forever together!

Join me in congratulating them on a gorgeous day and a lifetime of happiness!




Venue: Quincy Cellars 


Tables, Linens, Catering, and Alcohol were provided by venue

DJ/Musicians: DJ Dan Grucza

Ceremony musicians: Debra Ostrum, soloist; Louis Nicolia, violinist w/ Erie Philharmonic

Florals: Gerlach’s Garden & Florals

Cake/Desserts: It Takes the Cake

Bridal Gown: Bridal Elegance

Hair/Makeup: Hair by Haskell

Rings: Lighthouse Jewelers

Invitations: Paper Culture 





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