5 Things Brides Regret After Their Wedding Day

The wedding planning process is SO overwhelming! You feel like there are a million decisions to make and prioritizing it all seems daunting! To help remind you of what’s important… here are 5 things brides regret after their wedding 


Buying an uncomfortable dress

When dress shopping most brides rationalize an uncomfortable strap, or lace sleeve, or heavy skirt because “it’s only on for a couple of hours”! However, it is a long day and you don’t want to be worrying about irritated skin, or pain in your shoulders while you are supposed to be enjoying a joyful day! Leaving for your honeymoon with blisters or rashes is NOT the goal!   And don’t forget this applies to shoes too! 


 Not having a Master or Mistress of Ceremonies! 

While the term “Master & Mistress of Ceremonies” is outdated, the idea is still very important. Having someone outside your immediate family/wedding party that is on top of the tasks throughout your day is vital to your day’s ease of success. I cannot tell you the number of times things have been forgotten throughout the day, or someone missing when it comes time for family pictures, or when there is tension throughout the family when someone takes the liberty with decisions you as the bride didn’t approve. By having someone in charge the day of to handle all of the timeline steps throughout the day from food to florist drop off to last-minute issues… it’s a must! Take a day and walk them through your vision and you and all the people you love will be able to take a step back and enjoy the day with no worries! 


Not eating or taking food for the road!

Most well-established venues will have a catering system that will be on top of this, however, quite a few brides regret not eating enough or taking food for the road after the wedding! You paid all that money, you deserve to enjoy it! Make sure someone boxes up to your meals or you set aside time in your reception timeline to enjoy it! 


Scheduling time in with just you and your groom.

Whether it’s a private reading of vows, or a few moments to do a final dance in the venue alone before the send-off or even sneaking away to share dessert. You will regret not setting aside time with your groom. The day can fly right by and before you know it the only time you share with them was the actual vows! 


 Not hiring a professional photographer/videographer

This is THE top regret brides have after their wedding day! Don’t just trust me, check out The Knot or Wedding Wire! I know I know, you’re like of course you would say this as a photographer. BUT I have countless people share with me over the 10+ years of being in the business that after having a friend or family member take photos or video that they end up getting back nothing because when you don’t hire a professional, they don’t understand backing up images or video and you can lose everything. You do not want to walk away from your day with a few iPhone photos!  Plus when someone doesn’t do this regularly, they don’t understand photo composition, lighting, posing, and always miss those little details and special moments that you want to cherish for years to come. 

Even if you cannot afford to hire them for the whole day, have them come for posed photos or just the ceremony! 


Here is a bonus one for you! 

Not having a professional guide them in setting up a wedding day timeline! 

The last thing I wish for you is that you run out of time because you didn’t know how long things will take. Brides have missed photos with their mom, first looks, and a slue of other big moments because they were on a time crunch! Don’t let that be you! 


Have any regrets I missed?! Let’s save the future brides the heartache and share it in the comments! 

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