How To Be The Best Maid Of Honor For Your Best-Friend

Hey future, current and aspiring Maid-Of-Honors!

You have a big job! Not only are you supporting, loving, and encouraging your best girl pal for one of the biggest days of her life, you have some responsibilities too! You may be thinking, “I want to do everything I can but I am not sure what that is?” Look no further! I have the answers! As a wedding photographer for over 10 years, I have experienced ALL of the ups and downs of wedding days. These are all tips from my experience, so take my word for it!

Besides cheering on the bride, supporting her through the planning and prepping and helping her pee in a wedding dress – There is some MUST- HAVE’s for any #maidofhonor to carry on the wedding day! 👇🏻⁠


A Tide Pen! This one is pretty self-explanatory but boy have I seen these used so frequently. Accidental spills happen when you least expect it!

Sewing Kit & Safety Pins! I cannot tell you the countless times we have reattached the groom’s buttons and sewed brides right into their dresses! If nothing else, remember this one!

Deodorant: Yup. A necessity! 

Bobby Pins. You can never have too many of these! Can I get an amen girls?!?! The flyaways, the dancing, even all the hugging after a ceremony can mess up the million-dollar due.

Touch up Makeup & Extra Lipstick: It is always good to have the option to freshen up in-between photos and sections of the day

 Mints. For the bride before she walks down the aisle! (helping her out for the first kiss 😉)

 Oil Blotting Pads! We never want to look oily for our pictures ladies!

Brides Phone: Not only is this helpful for her not to have to worry about and be the in-between person for the day, but also to grab a few secret photos and videos throughout the day to surprise the bride with! 

Settle up with vendors: Check with the bride the night before to see if there are any vendors she has to settle up with on the day-of. The last thing the bride wants to do on her wedding day is worry about paying all the vendors that are left, so delegate that between you and the Best Man!

Her Details: Keep track of where all of the bride’s little details are (perfume, invitations, rings, earrings, etc) so when the photographer gets there in the morning you will know where they are and the bride doesn’t have to race around to find them all!

Deliver the letter/gift to groom: When on the morning of, they want to exchange gifts, be the one to do the running! You can report back what the boys are up too and ensure it will get there safety! 


Are you a maid of honor or know one? Send this to her!

Leave me any comments below with things you would include with the list!



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