Yay!! It finally happened!! You are engaged!! Yippee! Congratulations!

I am so excited for you and this season you just stepped into. The wedding planning, the daydreaming, the engagement, the planning for a future together – it is all full of some of the best moments! 

There is a common trend with brides; they often forget to enjoy the actual engagement due to the stress of planning and trying to make everyone happy in the process. This is your permission to take a little time and ENJOY this – this time is for you and your future spouse!!

While I love the details and pretty moments and the fairytale feelings of the wedding day, it is just a day, and I think it’s so much more important to focus more on the marriage that will last a lifetime. So before we get to a few wedding planning tips, here are a few of the suggestions I tell all my couples!

Set aside time weekly to date your fiancé where you DON’T talk about wedding planning

Remember to include each other. It may not be that big of a deal to each other but talking it over together will keep it from feeling like a one-sided day. 

Agree on a wedding budget BEFORE so you are on the same page through the process. 

Don’t forget what the wedding day is really about. The start of your lives together, as husband and wife!! FOCUS ON THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP so you have something great to celebrate for your wedding DAY.

Find yourself a good marriage counselor along with a good couple’s devotion and build the foundation for this one day to be ROCK solid! The word counseling can have a bad rap, but let me reassure you that it is the exact opposite! There are professionals out there for everything, and investing in the foundation of your marriage is NOT a bad or silly thing! It’ll be the best decision you make out of all the decisions that are to come during this time of prepping!

Now for what you came for – the wedding planning tips and tricks! 

  1. Prioritize what is important to you and allocate funds from the top down when deciding how much to spend in each area and get the ones of most priority booked first!
  2. Choose vendors you trust!!! Ask them for advice and do’s & don’ts! 
  3. When making your timeline, leave 10 minutes here and there throughout the day so that if things get pushed back you are not stressed trying to make up the time.
  4. Give yourself time with just your spouse on your wedding day. Examples of this would be a private last dance, a private reading of vows, a first look/first touch, or just sneaking away for just the two of you during the reception and looking at everything going on!
  5. Look at Pinterest for inspiration but NOT for comparison!

I am excited for you! Enjoy this season! Happy Wedding Planning!

Robyn xx

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