7 Things A Bride Should Remember While Wedding Planning

I always tell my brides that you don’t know what you know don’t know! This is why it is so important to have wedding vendors who help educate you through the process since we have walked through the wedding planning hundreds of times! Here are 7 things I wish I could tell every bride while she is dreaming, planning, scheduling, and talking to a million vendors!

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Make The “Marriage” Portion Of Your Wedding Day A Priority!

It can be easy to get caught up in the pretty details, expectations, responsibilities, and so much more. However, I cannot stress enough that at the end of the day it will be the marriage that lives on for the rest of your future. Do not let your relationship and intentions for your marriage fall by the wayside. Go on dates, talk about your future, and foster a relationship that will be as strong and even more beautiful than your actual wedding day.

Recreate Your Favorite Wedding Details

Sometimes brides can agonize over the details (which you know as a wedding photographer, I love the details) and forget about what they have enjoyed at other weddings! Is it the dancing? The food? The little details? Keep this in mind what those were and emulate them in your own day!

Stick With Your Budget

Decided what is the priority for your day, (i.e. photography, food, videography, venue) and stick with fitting the rest of your day into that budget! Going into debt or overspending for a wedding day is not worth it in the long run! There are so many budget-friendly, DIY’s that can give you the gorgeous wedding you want to have without breaking the bank!

Let One Vendor Lead You To Another

If you have a wedding vendor you love, chances are they also have vendors for the other parts of your day that they love! I have a spot on my website just for other vendors I love working with and suggest which you can visit here —> FOR THE BRIDE !! This is a great idea if you are having an elopement, or destination wedding, or are unsure about where to find vendors – find them through your existing vendors!


Gone are the days of strict wedding traditions. Let your day reflect you and your future spouse. Do the quirky things that you love, do the first look, do the intimate moments – whatever it is that makes you excited about your day, do it!

Complete Your Wedding Planning List 2 Weeks Before The Wedding

Obviously, this is with the exception of a short planning timeline and extenuating circumstances, but if you can try your hardest to complete all of your planning in advance, it will allow you to enjoy your day SO MUCH EASIER!

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I know I know, way easier said than done. Weddings are just events that are put on by humans and sometimes (most times) things do not go as planned. That is part of life and absolutely part of marriage. Don’t let the mishaps take away from the excitement of being one step closer to your happily ever after marriage!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Your friend, Robyn

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