Ceremony Do’s and Don’ts!

Your wedding ceremony is something we care A LOT about here at Kibbe Photography! Not only because it is the meaning behind the whole day and the moment you become husband and wife (yipeeeee) but also because the ceremony sets the trend for the rest of the day. We want to make sure that your wedding day is epic and your pictures have the best lighting and of course, there is time for you to dance the night away. So let’s chat about ceremony do’s and don’ts!


Do: Throw the rules of what a wedding ceremony is “suppose” to look at right out the window

Don’t: Be afraid to make your ceremony a representation of you and your spouse.

Do: Look up your wedding date ahead of time and see when the sun sets… then plan your ceremony 1.5 -2.0 hours ahead of it!

Don’t: Plan the ceremony outside at noon when the sun will be right above you!

Do: Make sure you have venue access all day on your wedding day for vendors to come set up!

Don’t: Wait last minute and have all your vendors crunching to put your day together!

Do: Have a backup plan for your outdoor wedding ceremony

Don’t: Wait until the day before to scramble and find a way to make it work despite the rain, you want to enjoy your wedding week without any stresses you can avoid!

Don’t:  Get hung up on your programs. These will be thrown in the trash and sometimes not even looked at!

Do: Prioritize the little details of your day that WILL make a difference. Like centerpieces, your unique details, and personalized things to you!

Do: Consider a first look!

Don’t: Have an audience for your first look. Just the two of you, and me 😉

Don’t: Wear uncomfortable shoes that you have to stand in for your whole ceremony

Do: Wear shoes that are comfy and represent you! You rarely can see them so rock those ballet shoes girl!

Don’t: Wait until the day before the wedding to check out the seating options at your venue!

Do: Consider mismatching seating!


Let us know in the comments what you wish you would have done or not done!

Happy Planning!

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