Planning A Wedding In 2022? Read This Post!

Phew! 2022 is here already! I can hardly believe it! 2021 is somehow both the longest and shortest year. Its crazy how much can change in 365 days… and I am betting if you are here reading this post that something BIG is happening for you in the future! Let me be one of the first to congratulate you on your recent engagement and tell you that you CAN do this! It may feel overwhelming with a list of things a mile long to accomplish and decide on and plan for before your wedding date, which is why I compiled a list of blog posts to help you get you started. These posts are packed full of tips and tricks to make this process a fun one!

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Dear Recently Engaged Bride 

A Little Blurb: “The number one thing I’ve heard is that you, as the bride, often forget to enjoy the actual engagement due to the stress of planning and trying to make everyone happy in the process.

I encourage you to remember what the engagement stage is actually for. Yes, it is a time for planning and prepping for the wedding day, but keep in mind that the wedding day is just that – IT’S A DAY” Click Here To Read More… 


10 DIY’s for A Backyard Wedding

A Little Blurb: “> Get an arbor! There are many different styles and shapes to match whatever theme your wedding is⁠. You can choose to rent one and decorate it to make it your own, or you can easily find the directions to building one on your own online!⁠”

Click here to read more…


5 Things Brides Regret After Their Wedding Day & How To Avoid Them 

“1. Buying an uncomfortable dress! When dress shopping most brides rationalize an uncomfortable strap, lace sleeve, or heavy skirt because “it’s only on for a couple of hours”! However, it is a long day and you don’t want to be worrying about irritated skin, or pain in your shoulders while you are supposed to be enjoying a joyful day!” Click here to read more… 


Florals Florals Florals 

Tips on picking your florist: DECIDE ON A BUDGET!! This goes for all your vendors! Pick your must-haves that are biggest priority and budget those first, then adjust the rest to meet your total budget.” Click here to read more…


You have this girl! Enjoy this process! xoxo, Robyn!



Bonus Post: Send this to your Maid-Of-Honor

How To Be The Best Maid Of Honor To Your Best Friend

A Little Blurb: “You have a big job! Not only are you supporting, loving, and encouraging your best girl pal for one of the biggest days of her life, you have some responsibilities too! You may be thinking, “I want to do everything I can but I am not sure what that is?” Look no further! I have the answers!” Click Here To Read More…

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