Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

⁠Wedding dress shopping is one of the first BIG things you do in your wedding planning process! It follows picking a date, booking a photographer, Videographer, and venue! You may be the girl who dreamed about her wedding dress for years, or you may be the girl who left that detail for future you – either way, it can be stressful deciding on the dress.

Unfortunately, a common conversation I have with my brides after their wedding day is about how uncomfortable or annoying their dress was. It can be hard to know what you want or need when you’ve never had to wear a dress for 10+ hours. One of my goals is to help make your wedding day carefree, fun, and easy so here are a few valuable tips for when you are picking out your wedding dress! ⬇️⁠

1.Set A budget!⁠

It can be so easy to get lost in the excitement of shopping that without a clear budget, you end up taking up way too much of your wedding budget! Setting a solid budget number allows you to not try on anything over your budget, not feel stressed about the cost, and have a clear picture what each aspect of your wedding day so you don’t go into debt. I want you to have a great wedding but also remember it is just one day!

 2. Do your research BUT don’t be afraid to try on lots of different styles. You may be surprised at what you like once it’s on!

 We don’t always know what will look the best on our body type or venue style. While I encourage you to have a style in mind, don’t be surprised if something else catches your eye!

3. Bring along girls who trust your style and are honest with you! Also, gals that are going to be just as hyped as you when you say yes!!⁠ (This can make or break the overall experience!) 

This is also true for who you choose to be at your wedding party! 

4. If it feels itchy, scratchy, poke-y, heavy, or too much to manage in your try-on, it WILL feel that and more on your wedding day! ⁠

If the dress is bothering you in the try-on process, there is a really good chance it is going to bother you even more on your wedding day when you are wearing it for hours!

5. Decided on a veil or no veil.

Either is beautiful. My personal favorites are the cathedral and they seem to be coming back again in 2022 wedding trends! 

6. Again, if it’s uncomfortable in any way, PUT IT BACK!!

7. Last but not least, this is YOUR day and you should feel beautiful and confident!!!⁠.⁠

Happy Dress Shopping!!⁠

xx, Robyn


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